Shake Shack, New York Restaurant Review

Shake Shack Restaurant ReviewShake Shack is not just a restaurant, but a phenomenon that has gripped the entire world. The restaurant has proven without a doubt that simple things done right is a perfect recipe for success and how. The restaurant has a menu that cannot be any simpler, and yet, the line outside them is simply getting longer. It started in a prime location like Madison Square Park and now it has many outlets, not only within the States, but in Turkey and Russia as well.

The fuss here is about burger, fries, shakes and all the things that make a great roadside stand. That’s about it. Over the years, Shake Shack has added a lot of new items to its menu, like the chicken stack, hot dogs, and what not. They are equally good, but it is still the burger, fries and frozen shakes that are the crown jewels of this rapidly growing chain.

The burgers can be as simple as they can get. It is all in the quality. A thick beef patty cooked to perfection is placed on a potato bun. A nice slice of American cheese is melted over the burger and fresh slices of tomato and a greens are added to it. That’s all. There are single shack burgers and there are many options to stack them too. From smoke shack to the ‘shroom burger, there are many different versions of burger. Irrespective of the name of the burger, each and every one of them is simply delicious.

Then there are the crispy fries that make the burger even more delicious. Other than the fact that they taste fresh and delectable, there are also crinkly fries available at the Shack. They also taste great as well. They are a perfect complement to the juicy burger and very filling.

A great attraction at the shake shack are their shakes. They are not the everyday run of the mill shakes that you can get anywhere. These are thick, like custard thick. Their coffee milkshake is to die for. It can easily be the best you will ever have. Another interesting thing about Shake Shack shakes (quite a tongue twister there) is the fact that they are also available in seasonal flavors. So, if you order a shake at this restaurant, there will be real fresh fruit inside it. In fact, there are only fresh seasonal fruits on offer. If you get to grab their rhubarb shake, simply do not miss it.

Then there are the hot dogs on offer too. These hot dogs are as good as you will ever find. Again, the hot dogs are present in their most basic form, but they are lip smacking, like everything else on the menu. Some people may feel that the bread in their hot dog overpowers the flavor, but that is just nitpicking. Nothing more.

The food at shake shack is delicious in its simplicity, but what makes the restaurant such a success it the vibe of the place. The people stacking up in lines, eating together, the buzz and the whole communal experience just makes the food feel much tastier.