Restaurant Review – Hash House A Go Go, Las Vegas

Vegas is allhash house a go go review about big casinos, big risks, and a huge variety of food. After a night of casino-jumping, if you are feeling hungry, Hash House A Go Go is the perfect place to enjoy some delicacies in Las Vegas. The jumbo-sized portions will not leave you wanting for more. Do not let the huge portions fool you into thinking that it is all in the theatrics. The food is super tasty too.

They have a large menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. The restaurant labels their food as twisted farm food. What they essentially mean is that whatever is on offer is familiar to the taste buds. These are classic dishes, something that you would eat at your grandmother’s house. But, it has been elevated. Rather, it has been whacked out. People will recognize the food when it comes out of the kitchen, but they will still be amazed. Every food has its own super-sized, interesting components. That is what makes each of their dishes, a signature item of the restaurant.

There is one breakfast item that people simply cannot get enough of at Hash House A Go Go. And that is their Fried Chicken and Waffle Platter. This can best be described as a tower. It is not just any fried chicken. It is sage fried chicken, with bacon, piled over thick and fluffy waffles. The chicken has a unique breading, with pastry flour and other spices. But the surprise element that creates the crunch is corn flakes. By the way, that bacon is cooked into the waffles. When the dish comes to the table, the bacon is sticking out of the waffles, over which rest two pieces of fried chicken. It is then drizzled with a reduction of maple syrup and butter. It is not done yet. A huge sprig of rosemary is jabbed into the tower, and it is topped off with fried leeks. It is finished off with barbecue sauce, chopped bell peppers, and small yellow tomatoes. The chicken is moist, the waffle is crispy, and the syrup is running all over.

Another must try at the restaurant is their Kokomo meatloaf sandwich. Everyone has grown up with meatloaf. It is like a gourmet version of a leftover sandwich. The meatloaf is prepared a day in advance. It has ground beef, pork tenderloin, pork sausage, and an overdose of bacon. The pre-cooked slice of loaf is heated on the flat top. Instead of ketchup, the sandwich has roasted, seasoned and crushed tomatoes. The best part is the cheese that also gets grilled on the flat top, making it like a blanket. All this good stuff is then piled over toasted bread and garnished with fried spaghetti, bell peppers and barbecue sauce. There are so many textures in the dish and the nuanced approach gives way to a heavenly sandwich.

The menu at Hash House A Go Go is full of such one-of-a-kind dishes. There are Salmon Benedict, Bloody Mary, blueberry pancakes, and so much more. You will have to wait in the queue and you will almost certainly not be able to finish your order unless you share it. But, it is not about that. It is about the complete experience of the Sin City. The food here is certainly sinful and dangerously flavorful, and there is a lot of it.