Helping Local Business Helps Everyone

I have always enjoyed going to the local toy store on the corner or the local meat shop down the road.  When I purchase at a local run business, it makes me feel alive and happy.  I am able to connect with my community and able to support the owners who give excellent service.  I rather give my money to those who are willing to give back to my community and give to no end.  They put their blood, sweat and tears into creating their dreams.  The least I can do is support them.images

It takes major commitment and perseverance to run a local business.  A small business owner has to take care of EVERYTHING!  They take care of their customers, employees, supplies, accounting, storefront, marketing, and the list goes on.

The least I can do is give back with my lead generation skills to these super local heroes.  I get to write about my experience at local businesses and put the power of pen into place.

I love walking down the side walk in my neighborhood and looking through the windows of each local business.  I never know what I may find.  There is something magical about taking a leisurely stroll and window shopping.  Here’s the thing though!  I always make sure to buy something.  I feel as if I am giving back to my community when I buy at the local store.

Instead of buying from Walmart, Petco, Target, JC Penny or any other huge mega corporation, put your dollar where it matters: into your local small business.  You think it costs more to buy there but in the end it costs us more to not buy from a small business.  If you don’t shop at a local business, it can put them out of business which leads to less community.  Community is what matters the most and not the almighty dollar.