Best Smoothie Cafe in Seattle

I rejus bar seattleally love smoothies.  It is sometimes difficult to find the best smoothie joint in town.  That said, I am so glad I found the best smoothie cafe in Seattle.  It is located in Columbia City right on Rainier Ave.  It is called Jus Bar.  They have a huge variety of super tasty smoothies to choose from.  The best one that I have tried is called Green Smoothness made with Kale, bananas, orange, cucumber and apple juice.  The great thing is that you cannot taste the kale!  The sweetness really powers that smoothie.  If you want something more potent then give Awareness a go.  It is made with blueberry, blackberry, kale, avocado, flax and apple juice.  For a more decadent one, give peanut butter cup a chance.  It has my favorite ingredient in the whole wide world.  Yes, it is chocolate heaven!


Jus Bar is really popular due to their fresh squeezed juice bar.  They have tons of choices such as the Green Gift of Gods with kale, green apple, ginger and parsley.  It will put a zing in your step.  Another favorite is the Kicked Up Carrot with carrots, spinach, garlic, cayenne and lemon.  You want to wake up your sinuses? Then give that a whirl.  You can also create your own concoction from their fresh fruit and veggies if you want.  You can have it your way!


If your into those leafy bowls of goodness, then you have to try Jus Bar’s salads.  They have a variety of options.  The one I adore is the Butter Lettuce Salad.  Oh, it just melts in your mouth with tinges of flavor from the bacon, avocado and smokey almonds.  They also have a curry chicken salad with celery, apple, romaine hearts and roasted cashews.  I am sure you can order to your liking as well.


I am a sandwich kinda person and love to try a new one each time I visit here.  My absolute melt in your mouth warm sandwich is the Make You Melt Tuna melt with albacore tuna, cheddar and apples. As an alternative, you can try a meat free sandwich called the Cuban Tofu Panini with Tofu, coconut vinegar marinated slaw, avocado and chili mayo.  Avocado is always a must for me.

The Jus Bar has more than just smoothies.  They have sandwiches, juices, cocktails, desserts and so much more.  I highly recommend stopping by and giving them a try.  You will not regret it! They are located at 4908 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118.  Their number is 206-420-2535 and they are open 11:00am – 6:30pm on the weekdays and 10:00am – 5:30pm on weekends.





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