Best Pancake House in Portland

The Best Pancake House in Portland Oregon

This is a child’s dream come true. As the name gives it away, this is predominantly a pancake joint. But, it is unlike any restaurant you have ever been to. Why? Because at Slappy Cakes, diners get to create their own pancakes.

Slappy Cakes plays a lot on the nostalgia attached to a pancake. Pancakes are, more often than not, the first thing that most people learn to cook. It is a delicious and fun childhood memory that anyone would like to relive as many times as possible. A pancake is also something that appeals to every age group. They are light, fluffy and delicious with syrup and butter all over them. In the mornings, or after a long night, one thing that everybody is looking for is a big boost of energy and nothing does it better than a pancake.

The idea is for the diners to choose from all sorts of batters and toppings to make a pancake that is completely customized for themselves. There are all sorts of batters that the restaurant offers. There are batters with peanut butter in them, batters for people who have gone gluten-free, and numerous other types. They even have a dizzying variety of toppings too. They have chocolate chips, fresh fruit, peanut butter chunks, a wide selection of jams, and syrups, among other things.

If you want, you can also order savory pancakes. There are many savory batters on offer as well. The zucchini batter is a must try. Slappy Cakes should also pat its own back for not only making the experience unique, but also making delicious batters and toppings. There is always something for everyone. They are always updating their toppings and changing it with seasons to bring the freshest of ingredients to the customers. There are also separate toppings like cheeses, vegetables, and what not, available for garnishing the savory pancakes.

If you don’t want to get into all of this, then you can order a cooked pancake, just like at any other restaurant. But, the USP of this Slappy Cakes is in the interactive element that it offers. There is actually a griddle on each table, which completely enhances the experience of the customers. People can prepare anything they like, and pile it on with all the toppings of their choice. Then the diners are provided with a number of squeeze bottles on the table, which they can use to let flow all their artistic skills on the canvas in front of them. Make any shape and any flavor combination.

This is a huge part of the vibe at Slappy Cakes. It looks like a big art and craft class, where people are engrossed in their work, being gentle with their creations and then happily eating them away. Basically, even if the pancake does not come out right, it is your own fault. But the point is that it is still so much fun.

Slappy Cakes is a great interactive restaurant. Whether it is a barbecue, fondue or something like pancakes being involved in the process, the restaurant makes you feel connected to it. Also, people do not have to wait for the food to come out of the kitchen. They can just eat it right off the griddle, hot and crispy.