Shake Shack, New York Restaurant Review

Shake Shack Restaurant ReviewShake Shack is not just a restaurant, but a phenomenon that has gripped the entire world. The restaurant has proven without a doubt that simple things done right is a perfect recipe for success and how. The restaurant has a menu that cannot be any simpler, and yet, the line outside them is simply getting longer. It started in a prime location like Madison Square Park and now it has many outlets, not only within the States, but in Turkey and Russia as well.

The fuss here is about burger, fries, shakes and all the things that make a great roadside stand. That’s about it. Over the years, Shake Shack has added a lot of new items to its menu, like the chicken stack, hot dogs, and what not. They are equally good, but it is still the burger, fries and frozen shakes that are the crown jewels of this rapidly growing chain.

The burgers can be as simple as they can get. It is all in the quality. A thick beef patty cooked to perfection is placed on a potato bun. A nice slice of American cheese is melted over the burger and fresh slices of tomato and a greens are added to it. That’s all. There are single shack burgers and there are many options to stack them too. From smoke shack to the ‘shroom burger, there are many different versions of burger. Irrespective of the name of the burger, each and every one of them is simply delicious.

Then there are the crispy fries that make the burger even more delicious. Other than the fact that they taste fresh and delectable, there are also crinkly fries available at the Shack. They also taste great as well. They are a perfect complement to the juicy burger and very filling.

A great attraction at the shake shack are their shakes. They are not the everyday run of the mill shakes that you can get anywhere. These are thick, like custard thick. Their coffee milkshake is to die for. It can easily be the best you will ever have. Another interesting thing about Shake Shack shakes (quite a tongue twister there) is the fact that they are also available in seasonal flavors. So, if you order a shake at this restaurant, there will be real fresh fruit inside it. In fact, there are only fresh seasonal fruits on offer. If you get to grab their rhubarb shake, simply do not miss it.

Then there are the hot dogs on offer too. These hot dogs are as good as you will ever find. Again, the hot dogs are present in their most basic form, but they are lip smacking, like everything else on the menu. Some people may feel that the bread in their hot dog overpowers the flavor, but that is just nitpicking. Nothing more.

The food at shake shack is delicious in its simplicity, but what makes the restaurant such a success it the vibe of the place. The people stacking up in lines, eating together, the buzz and the whole communal experience just makes the food feel much tastier.

Restaurant Review – Hash House A Go Go, Las Vegas

Vegas is allhash house a go go review about big casinos, big risks, and a huge variety of food. After a night of casino-jumping, if you are feeling hungry, Hash House A Go Go is the perfect place to enjoy some delicacies in Las Vegas. The jumbo-sized portions will not leave you wanting for more. Do not let the huge portions fool you into thinking that it is all in the theatrics. The food is super tasty too.

They have a large menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. The restaurant labels their food as twisted farm food. What they essentially mean is that whatever is on offer is familiar to the taste buds. These are classic dishes, something that you would eat at your grandmother’s house. But, it has been elevated. Rather, it has been whacked out. People will recognize the food when it comes out of the kitchen, but they will still be amazed. Every food has its own super-sized, interesting components. That is what makes each of their dishes, a signature item of the restaurant.

There is one breakfast item that people simply cannot get enough of at Hash House A Go Go. And that is their Fried Chicken and Waffle Platter. This can best be described as a tower. It is not just any fried chicken. It is sage fried chicken, with bacon, piled over thick and fluffy waffles. The chicken has a unique breading, with pastry flour and other spices. But the surprise element that creates the crunch is corn flakes. By the way, that bacon is cooked into the waffles. When the dish comes to the table, the bacon is sticking out of the waffles, over which rest two pieces of fried chicken. It is then drizzled with a reduction of maple syrup and butter. It is not done yet. A huge sprig of rosemary is jabbed into the tower, and it is topped off with fried leeks. It is finished off with barbecue sauce, chopped bell peppers, and small yellow tomatoes. The chicken is moist, the waffle is crispy, and the syrup is running all over.

Another must try at the restaurant is their Kokomo meatloaf sandwich. Everyone has grown up with meatloaf. It is like a gourmet version of a leftover sandwich. The meatloaf is prepared a day in advance. It has ground beef, pork tenderloin, pork sausage, and an overdose of bacon. The pre-cooked slice of loaf is heated on the flat top. Instead of ketchup, the sandwich has roasted, seasoned and crushed tomatoes. The best part is the cheese that also gets grilled on the flat top, making it like a blanket. All this good stuff is then piled over toasted bread and garnished with fried spaghetti, bell peppers and barbecue sauce. There are so many textures in the dish and the nuanced approach gives way to a heavenly sandwich.

The menu at Hash House A Go Go is full of such one-of-a-kind dishes. There are Salmon Benedict, Bloody Mary, blueberry pancakes, and so much more. You will have to wait in the queue and you will almost certainly not be able to finish your order unless you share it. But, it is not about that. It is about the complete experience of the Sin City. The food here is certainly sinful and dangerously flavorful, and there is a lot of it.

Best Pancake House in Portland

The Best Pancake House in Portland Oregon

This is a child’s dream come true. As the name gives it away, this is predominantly a pancake joint. But, it is unlike any restaurant you have ever been to. Why? Because at Slappy Cakes, diners get to create their own pancakes.

Slappy Cakes plays a lot on the nostalgia attached to a pancake. Pancakes are, more often than not, the first thing that most people learn to cook. It is a delicious and fun childhood memory that anyone would like to relive as many times as possible. A pancake is also something that appeals to every age group. They are light, fluffy and delicious with syrup and butter all over them. In the mornings, or after a long night, one thing that everybody is looking for is a big boost of energy and nothing does it better than a pancake.

The idea is for the diners to choose from all sorts of batters and toppings to make a pancake that is completely customized for themselves. There are all sorts of batters that the restaurant offers. There are batters with peanut butter in them, batters for people who have gone gluten-free, and numerous other types. They even have a dizzying variety of toppings too. They have chocolate chips, fresh fruit, peanut butter chunks, a wide selection of jams, and syrups, among other things.

If you want, you can also order savory pancakes. There are many savory batters on offer as well. The zucchini batter is a must try. Slappy Cakes should also pat its own back for not only making the experience unique, but also making delicious batters and toppings. There is always something for everyone. They are always updating their toppings and changing it with seasons to bring the freshest of ingredients to the customers. There are also separate toppings like cheeses, vegetables, and what not, available for garnishing the savory pancakes.

If you don’t want to get into all of this, then you can order a cooked pancake, just like at any other restaurant. But, the USP of this Slappy Cakes is in the interactive element that it offers. There is actually a griddle on each table, which completely enhances the experience of the customers. People can prepare anything they like, and pile it on with all the toppings of their choice. Then the diners are provided with a number of squeeze bottles on the table, which they can use to let flow all their artistic skills on the canvas in front of them. Make any shape and any flavor combination.

This is a huge part of the vibe at Slappy Cakes. It looks like a big art and craft class, where people are engrossed in their work, being gentle with their creations and then happily eating them away. Basically, even if the pancake does not come out right, it is your own fault. But the point is that it is still so much fun.

Slappy Cakes is a great interactive restaurant. Whether it is a barbecue, fondue or something like pancakes being involved in the process, the restaurant makes you feel connected to it. Also, people do not have to wait for the food to come out of the kitchen. They can just eat it right off the griddle, hot and crispy.

Helping Local Business Helps Everyone

I have always enjoyed going to the local toy store on the corner or the local meat shop down the road.  When I purchase at a local run business, it makes me feel alive and happy.  I am able to connect with my community and able to support the owners who give excellent service.  I rather give my money to those who are willing to give back to my community and give to no end.  They put their blood, sweat and tears into creating their dreams.  The least I can do is support them.images

It takes major commitment and perseverance to run a local business.  A small business owner has to take care of EVERYTHING!  They take care of their customers, employees, supplies, accounting, storefront, marketing, and the list goes on.

The least I can do is give back with my lead generation skills to these super local heroes.  I get to write about my experience at local businesses and put the power of pen into place.

I love walking down the side walk in my neighborhood and looking through the windows of each local business.  I never know what I may find.  There is something magical about taking a leisurely stroll and window shopping.  Here’s the thing though!  I always make sure to buy something.  I feel as if I am giving back to my community when I buy at the local store.

Instead of buying from Walmart, Petco, Target, JC Penny or any other huge mega corporation, put your dollar where it matters: into your local small business.  You think it costs more to buy there but in the end it costs us more to not buy from a small business.  If you don’t shop at a local business, it can put them out of business which leads to less community.  Community is what matters the most and not the almighty dollar.

Best Italian Restaurant in Seattle

I decided to surprise my fiancee on our 3rd anniversary together.  I knew that she would love Italian food and a ride in a luxurious limo.  I never rode in a limo before so this was something that I always wanted to experience.  The chauffeur showed up right on time with champagne and roses waiting for us in the stretch Hummer.  I was very impressed with the whole experience.  We rolled up in style to the best Italian restaurant in Seattle.

If you love Italian food then look no further! The most delicious Italian restaurant in Seattle is in the heart of Columbia City.  Yep!  That best Italian restaurant in Seattlewould be La Medusa.   The picture to the right shows the most delicious  campanelle with taleggio, brussel sprouts and pine nuts.  It had a simple but complex flavor which leaves you feeling like a kid in a candy store.  I could not stop eating it!  The cheese is mild but has a fruity tang.  I will go back for more of that next week. 

For an appetizer we had marinated olives, marcona almonds and ,of course,  Columbia City Bakery olive bread.  The olives melted in my mouth while the almonds had a mild spice coated on them.  This worked well together.  The bread came with a dipping olive oil which seemed to be very rich and flavorful. The bread had a perfect crunch on the outside and the right amount of softness in the middle with a touch of green olives.

The restaurant is very intimate and quaint.  I would say it has a romantic feel to the place with a touch of that Provincial Italian energy.  The staff is very friendly and you don’t have to wait too long to eat after you order your food.  This restaurant is very popular and small so you must make a reservation to get seated in a timely manner.

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La Medusa uses local organic produce and quality imports to make their food exceptional.  There is an extensive wine list while boasting a dessert menu to die for.  I highly recommend eating the chocolate torte if you are a chocolate lover.  It has such a velvety sweet lingering perfection.

They are open Tuesday-Saturday from 5-9pm.  On Friday and Saturday they are open until 10pm.  Bring your special date to this beautiful restaurant decorated with local art and a whimsical decor.  La Medusa will definitely impress your guest.

Best Smoothie Cafe in Seattle

I rejus bar seattleally love smoothies.  It is sometimes difficult to find the best smoothie joint in town.  That said, I am so glad I found the best smoothie cafe in Seattle.  It is located in Columbia City right on Rainier Ave.  It is called Jus Bar.  They have a huge variety of super tasty smoothies to choose from.  The best one that I have tried is called Green Smoothness made with Kale, bananas, orange, cucumber and apple juice.  The great thing is that you cannot taste the kale!  The sweetness really powers that smoothie.  If you want something more potent then give Awareness a go.  It is made with blueberry, blackberry, kale, avocado, flax and apple juice.  For a more decadent one, give peanut butter cup a chance.  It has my favorite ingredient in the whole wide world.  Yes, it is chocolate heaven!


Jus Bar is really popular due to their fresh squeezed juice bar.  They have tons of choices such as the Green Gift of Gods with kale, green apple, ginger and parsley.  It will put a zing in your step.  Another favorite is the Kicked Up Carrot with carrots, spinach, garlic, cayenne and lemon.  You want to wake up your sinuses? Then give that a whirl.  You can also create your own concoction from their fresh fruit and veggies if you want.  You can have it your way!


If your into those leafy bowls of goodness, then you have to try Jus Bar’s salads.  They have a variety of options.  The one I adore is the Butter Lettuce Salad.  Oh, it just melts in your mouth with tinges of flavor from the bacon, avocado and smokey almonds.  They also have a curry chicken salad with celery, apple, romaine hearts and roasted cashews.  I am sure you can order to your liking as well.


I am a sandwich kinda person and love to try a new one each time I visit here.  My absolute melt in your mouth warm sandwich is the Make You Melt Tuna melt with albacore tuna, cheddar and apples. As an alternative, you can try a meat free sandwich called the Cuban Tofu Panini with Tofu, coconut vinegar marinated slaw, avocado and chili mayo.  Avocado is always a must for me.

The Jus Bar has more than just smoothies.  They have sandwiches, juices, cocktails, desserts and so much more.  I highly recommend stopping by and giving them a try.  You will not regret it! They are located at 4908 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118.  Their number is 206-420-2535 and they are open 11:00am – 6:30pm on the weekdays and 10:00am – 5:30pm on weekends.





Blue Heaven is Heaven on Earth

If you haven’t been to Blue Heaven restaurant in Key West then you are missing out on the most delicious banana Flambeed ever in the whole wide world.  I like to fly to Key West just devour that heavenly dessert.  Don’t get me wrong.  All the food there is pretty darn incredible. All the locals recommended this cool eats to me.  Just be aware that the food can take awhile to arrive at your table.  Great things always take time.  You will be very pleased once it arrives!

blue heaven Kwbar blue

I would describe Blue Heaven as a bohemian bust a rhyme funky hipster restaurant where you could go barefoot with shorts and a t-shirt.  It has roosters, chicks, cats and chickens running around keeping you entertained. The sounds as you walk up to the entrance could be a local reggae band or Brazilian trio.  You just want to dance into the wee hours of the night after sipping on your key lime margarita.  Chef Guillaume Pailloux prepares the food with passion, flavor and creativity.  He specializes in seafood as his muse.

The restaurant has outdoor seating in the sand to make you feel like you are right on the beach.  In case it starts pouring rain, you can grab a bite indoors too. You will probably have to wait at the bar until a seat becomes available.  The smoothest drinks are the Goombay Smash, Great Heaven’s Punch and the Key Lime Martini. You may want to book a reservation because they book up fast during the evening.  Bring your date to this restaurant to impress because you can eat, dance and share your favorite cocktail.

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to a hungry crowd.  They are open 7 days a week from 8:00am until 10:30ish PM.  Take your friends, family and your cats.  You will be heavenly surprised!